Megaharta Training School is a division within MegaHarta Real Estate Sdn Bhd. Its objective is to provide comprehensive training programs to all staffs and negotiators. We value our human resources and we understand that they are the biggest assets of the company as they are the key elements for our growth and success.

MegaHarta Real Estate Sdn Bhd has emerged as one of the leading real estate agency within the Klang Valley mainly due to our well trained and very professional real estate agents and negotiators. They are capable of providing value-added services with high standard of professionalism to the market place.

In line with our corporate Mission and Vision, Megaharta Training School empowered to deliver the professionalism and achieving total customer satisfaction.


  • Property market overview

  • Understand Your Company – MegaHarta

  • MegaHarta 3 Magic Words

  • MegaHarta 7 Successful Habits

  • MegaHarta 8 Steps

  • MegaHarta Letter Of Offer


  • Sale And Purchase Agreement

  • Property Law

  • Tenancy Agreement

  • Contract Law

  • Property End Financing

  • Internet Marketing

  • How to Become A Top Agent


  • Land Development

  • Property Investment